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Patron Chef Philip Mowforth

An Innovative Concept from Chef Phil

Introducing Chef Patron Philip Mowforth,  the man behind the vibrant flavours of Downtown!

Originally from Beverly, England, Chef Phil's remarkable journey in the world of gastronomy has taken him across continents, ultimately shaping his expertise + passion for Latin American cuisine.


With a distinguished culinary career, Chef Phil has honed his craft in the kitchens of numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, earning accolades + recognition for his exceptional talent + culinary finesse.


Driven by a deep love for Latin American food, Chef Phil embarked on a food // research journey across Central + South America, immersing himself in the region's rich culinary traditions. From bustling markets to remote villages, he discovered the authentic flavours + techniques that form the heart + soul of Latin American cuisine.


Charmed by the beauty of Bali, Chef Phil has now called the island home for the past seven years, immersing himself in its vibrant food scene + captivating diners with his innovative approach to progressive dishes. His culinary prowess + unwavering commitment to excellence have made him a respected figure in Bali's culinary landscape.


Now, as the visionary leader of Downtown, Chef Phil has curated a team of exceptional chefs, handpicked for their talent + shared passion for creating progressive dishes. 


Together, they orchestrate a symphony of culinary delights, delivering a progressive dining experience that celebrates the vibrant, diverse + soulful nature of Latin American cuisine.


Join Chef Phil on a gastronomic adventure at Downtown, where his team of chefs will ignite your senses + leave a lasting impression.

Our Team.

At Downtown, our curated team of talented chefs, bring a shared passion for Latin American cuisine + a commitment to collaborative excellence. With creativity + expertise, they infuse each dish with passion + artistry, delivering a dining experience that celebrates the vibrant culinary traditions of Latin America with a new + exciting approach. 

Chef Rudy

Rudy Hariyanto

With 12 years of chef experience, my true passion lies in crafting exciting new recipes + menus, inspired by seasonal ingredients, blending traditional + modern techniques to create truly unique dishes.

I firmly believe that by focusing on one or two key ingredients, a dish can truly shine. Simplicity, combined with an intriguing touch, is what I strive for.

Above all, I cherish the art of creating within the seasons, ensuring every plate is a celebration of the freshest flavours.


Bagus Try Atmojo

9 years ago I discovered my love for  food on a new + unexpected level...


Since then I've been amazed by how every dish can tell a different story of ingredients + ultimately, culture.


There's never a dull moment in my culinary journey, I look forward to discovering + presenting many more exciting recipes, at Downtown.


I Wayan Rastika  (Mr. Roy)

I began working in kitchens in 2015 + became a full time chef after graduating from university in 2017. My love for food developed at a young age + very quickly became my passion. 

I find inspiration in the limitless possibilities when creating a dish, as well as the opportunity to continually learn + upgrade my cheffing skills + techniques in the Downtown kitchen.

Join us at Downtown

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Tokyo Tostada
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